Dear one…

This was written some years ago for a young child whose parents were divorced. It was simply my thoughts on what I felt the Lord might say to a young person in that circumstance. You might want to share it with a child you know of who is growing up in the same way. You could insert their own name after “Dear,” as I did in the original poem.
(P. A. Oltrogge)

My love for you is very deep–
I gave you a kiss while you were asleep.
That funny feeling you felt on your cheek
was from My kiss, but you couldn’t peek.
You were sound asleep as I was standing there,
which I love to do because I care.

I died on the cross for you, dear one,
and for your Dad and for your Mom.
I send My blessings wherever you go–
to Mom’s or Dad’s, come rain or snow.
I love to give you sunny days,
and I’m glad when you learn about My ways.

“Jesus loves me, this I know,”
is good to remember as you grow.
Share it with others who don’t realize
that having faith in Me is really wise.
Remember I always hear you when you pray,
and I’m with you always, wherever you stay.

Reading Bible stories will help you be strong,
and a song praising Jesus is the vey best song.

I love you!



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