Tim’s House

I’ve previously shared about this ministry to the homeless in Chicago, Illinois….the following is a recent post:

Good Morning Everyone!

What an incredible week last Wednesday and Friday! Wow! We have a front-row seat in seeing a glimpse of God’s heart not only in seeing people walk in with arms filled up with overflowing food, clothing, and cooking and helping, but also in the way people experience God’s love in this place! There are no coincidences with God! Thank you to everyone who has allowed God to use you to love and care for our friends who struggle with homelessness including those of you have have financially supported us because we are able to help and provide in so many ways because of you (including helping three people with rooms this past week). Thank you to each of you who has helped us in any way.

As I was getting out of my car in front of Tim’s House last Friday morning, a couple of people asked if they could help carry some of the food inside. I didn’t recognize an older man who quickly reached to help with food, and I asked him his name and introduced myself to him. As he walked in front to open the door, he looked back at me with tears in his eyes as he softly asked, “Is this what this place is called, Tim’s House?”

After he got his breakfast and a cup of coffee, I sat next to him and he told me, “I am homeless and people have been inviting me to come here for the last few years and telling me what a nice place it is. I only knew the address of this place, but when I looked at the door, I knew this was a sign from God.” He went on to say, “My son Tim, Timothy, passed away 2 months ago” and then he just cried as he shared, “I feel so numb and although I’ve gone through very hard things and a LOT of losses in my life, this is something I don’t think I can ever get through. The pain in my heart is nothing like anything I’ve ever known and it took everything for me to get here today.

I looked at him and told him, ‘This place is called ‘Tim’s House’ because God brought this ministry from the loss of my son, Tim, 20 years ago… He looked at me and said, “Wait, you’re Tim’s Mom?” “So you mean that name on the sign is your son’s name?” He then continued to cry as he said, “Now, I know I’m suppose to be here!” We talked for a long time and I shared my own journey and how we cannot with our human minds imagine surviving such a tragedy, but that God never let’s us go; and he could see the picture of God’s promises with his own eyes as he sat around the Tim’s House table. Two hours later as we were opening up our Bibles with the whole group and praying together, this man said in front of the group, “I know that it was God who brought me here, and I’m so grateful to be here with you all.” People applauded and welcomed him and encouraged him!

Thank you to everyone who helps us !!! Update – Stanley was able to sign the papers for his apartment, but the building manager said it might be a couple of weeks before he can move in. I’ll keep you posted.

Love and Blessings,


We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purposes.” (Romans 8:28)

You can visit at http://www.TimothysMinistry.org

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