Good Samaritans

As we continue into the new year, we’ll want to, of course, keep helping others through the many Christian outreaches we know of. A number of them have been mentioned on this blog, such as and

Many ministries, such as those of Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Keith Moore, and others are constantly giving into other various missions and ministries.

Another is the Jerusalem Prayer Team. If you would like to pray, help, or receive updates from them, (one of their latest updates is below), you can do so at


When we stand before the Lord to give an account for how we used the time and resources He gave us, what will we say? I want to be able to tell Him I did my very best, especially for His Jewish brothers and sisters, the least of these. I’m sure you feel the same way, and that’s why I’m asking for your help with a very important outreach of Christian love. 


During Hanukkah, we hosted a party at your Friends of Zion Center for 400 Jewish widows and orphans, and in the following days took presents, food, and other necessities of life to over 3,000 more. But we cannot limit this vital outreach of Christian love just to the holidays…the needs are all year long. There are so many in Israel who have lost husbands and fathers to the deadly terrorist attacks motivated by the evil of anti-Semitic hatred. These people are being targeted and murdered simply because they are Jewish. It’s time for us to take a stand and show God’s Chosen People that they are not alone. 

The only way we are able to continue all of the outreaches of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, in Israel, in Ukraine, and all around the world is with the generous support of friends like you. Your gift today is vital as we seek to do all we can to help those in need. This is our “such a time as this” moment, and we must not miss it.

Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team today allows us to purchase food, medicine, clothing, and other necessities of life for the poor Holocaust survivors, as well as to continue to operate the Friends of Zion Museum, to stand up and speak out for Israel, and to meet urgent humanitarian needs among the poor Jewish people in Israel and Ukraine. Thank you so much for being part of this vital worldwide prayer movement.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Michael David Evans

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