Jerusalem Prayer Team, Christmas Outreach

…the following is an update by Mike Evans on the children’s outreach in Ukraine, which occurred over the weekend:

Yesterday we showed the love of Jesus to 1,000 Ukrainian children gathered near the Russian border, where more than 70 missiles had recently fallen. We held a Christmas party in a massive bomb shelter underground. It was amazing! I’m writing because we stepped out in faith to do this. We are still short $22,030, so I’m asking you to please give your most generous Christmas gift.

Here is what these precious children received: 

1) Christmas candy packs (two pounds each) for 1,000 children 
2) blankets 
3) winter hats 
4) gloves 
5) socks/slippers/boots – various sizes 
6) pajamas 
7) soccer balls and other toys and gifts 
8) cookies 
9) juice and other kids’ drinks 
10) balloons 
11) games for children 
12) 9 power stations with solar panels 
13) 1 power generator 
14) 100 electric blankets 
15) 2 heaters 
16) heater fans 
17) infrared heaters 

Michael has gone to Ukraine by faith. He said to me, “Dad, with my four young children, it’s so hard to leave during this Christmas season, but there are 1,000 children that need help and are suffering.” I wept as I prayed for him and said, “Son, I am so proud of you. Jesus is so proud of you, and our precious partners are so proud of you.” Will you be a light in the darkness with your generous gift today?

For further info, visit:

You may already be giving and praying for JPT or other organizations, which are reaching out to help in Ukraine (or other areas of the world); but I wanted to give the update, above, having shared about it previously on the blog. Thank you for your prayers/giving on behalf of others, and God bless you at this Christmas season.

P. A. Oltrogge

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