Through Caring Hearts and Hands of Help

Through hands and hearts of love that pray…
through hands and feet that come their way,
following the Lord, going into the fray…
we can join in bringing Ukrainians His love today.

Whatever the reasons, some stayed behind.
The Lord dearly loves them–they’re on His mind.
We’re to be, on this earth, God’s hands and feet…
Pray for the Jerusalem Prayer Team, as this challenge they meet.

Father, you’ve given us authority over the devil.  We take authority over his attacks on innocent people.  We claim Psalm 91 and your deliverance and protection–that weapons formed against them will fail.  We speak supernatural miracles over their lives.  We pray for a milder winter than usual. We pray for divine intervention over all who are in the war zones but those, in particular, who are your children–thank you for continuing to give to them wisdom, strength, and a reliance on your Word….  in Jesus’ name, amen

To make a donation towards bringing supplies and generators for the winter, visit:

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