On Eagle Mountain

The topic of the September 18th message at Eagle Mountain International Church by guest minister Rick Renner was “Beware of Deceptive Times.” In it, he refers to scriptures describing the times in which we’re living. This important message can be found (at “Latest Service”) by scrolling down to the right side of the website, which is:


Early in the service is a presentation of things the church will be doing in expanding their broadcast studios and the Victory channel’s many ventures. If you’re limited for time and just want to take in the message, you can scroll in to approximately 1:11:07 or begin at about 1:03:08 to hear Rick’s wife, Denise, sing two inspiring songs. If you’d like to be blessed by contributing to the Victory channel, their fundraising is going on this week at:


And there are good Biblical studies, as always, at yesterday’s and today’s posts at:


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