Testimony of Answered Prayer

The following is a testimony from the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine, published by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and is reprinted with permission. Many times, the very young can show us just how simple faith can be….

Desire Fulfilled

I’m 11 years old and had been believing for a German shepherd for a couple of years. Since they cost $2,000 or more, I was believing for a debt-free dog. I prayed about it every night, put it on my vision list, and sowed a seed of $20.

Last April, my mom was talking with someone from Texas who had to re-home one of her German shepherds, a 7-year-old retired service dog named Sasha. The lady didn’t ask for a fee, only that we buy a bed, collar and leash; and continue giving Sasha supplements for hip dysplasia.

My parents drove me to Texas and told me we were visiting our good friends to pick up hunting equipment. When we went to a house there, and they told me we were there to take Sasha home with us, I cried. She is my best friend and loves living with us.

Bless the Lord. He did this for me. Thank you for teaching us that God is good and He gives us the desires of our hearts.

S.M., Colorado

PS: I watch you every day on You Tube.

The daily Believer’s Voice of Victory can regularly be viewed at http://www.govictory.com by clicking on “Shows,” under which you will find that programming. Or visit http://www.kcm.org, where it is also posted. Still available are the programs of November 1-5, Kenneth preaching the Word of faith in Nigeria.

Reprinted with permission from Kenneth Copeland Ministries

German shepherd photo/Unsplash

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