Team Jesus

Led by God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, Christians are a formidable “team.”
Some “players” are led, at times, by God speaking to them through a dream.

Some are led to start and pastor churches, and some are called to teach…
Some become evangelists or missionaries to the souls God wants them to reach.

Then, too, many serve the Lord in other of the various walks of life–
as businessmen and women or as lawyers or judges who settle strife.

Doctors and nurses, builders, those who work on roads or out on a farm…
firemen, police, and soldiers–all serve God, some keeping us from harm.

Every Christian is called to pray and, with humility, to serve others…
especially those of the household of faith–their “sisters and brothers.”

Many Christians have great courage, and they’re quick to meet critical needs.
Having studied the Word of God, their faith is developed for noble deeds.

As good Samaritans, the love of Jesus, is the believer’s guiding light.
It’s that love that keeps TEAM JESUS glowing in the midst of the darkest night.

Our “Coach” is Jesus Christ, whose words and example keep us strong.
If you’ve not signed on to TEAM JESUS–it’s the winning team to which YOU can belong!

P. A. Oltrogge

Just to name some members of TEAM JESUS:,,,, many others, and your own local church.

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