A Prayer Inspired by the Courage of Others

Wonderful young people, willing to serve America, in whatever was asked…
went to the country of Afghanistan, to do that with which they were tasked.

For twenty years, Americans and others went to bring stability to that land.
Then, suddenly, everything changed due to actions that weren’t wisely planned.

Now we pray for those who’ve lost precious loved ones–for them, we grieve.
And we pray for the many Afghans affected due to the U.S. decision to leave.

Thank God for those who, acting on their own, rescued some from an evil fate.
We’re praying for miracles yet, for those for whom it seems that it’s too late.

We pray against the deception of believing in a religion that would kill and take.
Let’s keep trusting God’s Holy Spirit to awaken those deceived by this mistake.

Many Afghans have been uprooted.  By God, each of their lives was planned.
May they find the specific pathway now that comes from His guiding hand.

In the midst of it all, we must persevere, believing God will turn things around;
and that all will find their hope in Christ–only through Him, will good be found.

We continue to pray for America’s leadership–we need leaders who are wise.
We thank God for the troops, who’ve given their lives; they’ve inspired courage that never dies.

P. A. Oltrogge


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