Words of Faith for 2021

The following are prophetic words for 2021 given by Dr. Jerry Savelle, a minister of great encouragement, known for teaching on God’s goodness and favor. You can download this (with more) at his website: http://www.jerrysavelle.org

Crowley, TX

A Word from the Holy Spirit – “A New Era Has Begun”

Recently while in a time of fellowship with the Holy Spirit, I heard Him speak these words:

“A New Era has begun
And more and more signs and wonders will be seen in 2021

For those who will heed My voice and obey My words
They’ll experience My goodness and My power as never seen nor heard

They’ll see the fruit of their faithfulness come bursting forth
And they’ll prosper and flourish like never before

Abundance and Overflow, that’s what they’ll see
I’ll bring it to pass because of their love and their obedience to Me

No longer will their enemy have the upper hand
For My spirit is moving and an outpouring of My power is coming upon the land

Many triumphant victories will mark this New Era
It’s what I’ve planned, so rest in Me

Miracle after miracle, that’s what I’ll do
Decree it and receive it and know that it’s true

Refuse to be swayed by what’s said in the news
With Me on your side, how can you lose?

So stay with My Word, it’s faithful and true
I’ll bring it to pass and great things I will do”


And then a few days later, while in Visalia, California (October 7, 2020), I heard the Holy Spirit say again:

“Yes, a New Era is here, it’s already begun
And I’ve planned marvelous things for you in 2021

Abundant Overflow is the order of the day
So rest assured, it’s on its way

Your adversary can’t stop what I’ve already decreed
so stay in faith and get ready to receive

Allow no one to discourage you by what they say
Keep looking to Me, and I’ll have My way”


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