Entering 2021 with God’s Son

You’re cared for by My Father’s angels, who daily surround;

and as you seek for Me daily, you know I’m easily found.

I appreciate what you do to help and encourage others, 

thereby building up the faith of your sisters and brothers.

And your prayers are so important to all people of the earth;

they bear fruit in helping many to find the “new birth.”

I’ve given you the Holy Spirit to comfort and to guide you,

Who is wonderfully evident, living right inside of you.

I’m your shelter and shield…there’s nothing to fear…

Emmanuel, God is with you…My love is steadfast and near.

A blessed new year…P. A. Oltrogge

Matthew 1:23; John 14:16-17 and 23

Cleopas and another on the road to Emmaus with Jesus…

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