Good Samaritans, through prayer

The Porch of the Lord

Supporting financially or serving in various Christian outreaches in our world are important ways of acting as good Samaritans of today. Some things are occurring in hard to reach areas or situations, and we may not all be able to physically go to areas where aid is needed, so may this serve to remind that earnest prayer is a powerful and vital way of being a good Samaritan, too.

Jesus told the story of a man left half dead,
Having fallen among thieves, who stripped and beat him, Jesus said.
There was no one to help the man until a priest came by;
But he saw him and continued on, not caring if the man would die.
After that, another, called a Levite, came upon the site,
But he, too, hurried on, with no regard to this man’s plight.
Then came a certain Samaritan, who, despite his journey’s goal,

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