Purity of Heart and Speech

The Porch of the Lord

Help me, Father in heaven, to be mindful of what Your Word has said–
that my words shouldn’t be critical of others, but they should bless instead.

If someone’s ways seem contrary to mine, or if they’ve hurt me in some way,
every person is still made in Your image–I must show love towards them and pray.

A forest spring doesn’t flow with waters that are both bitter and fresh;
likewise, help me in “keeping under” any wrong attitudes of my flesh.

A fig tree doesn’t produce olives, and figs don’t come from a grapevine;
neither should judgmental words towards others come from these lips of mine.

The same lips that praise my God, should speak with His love; and I should be kind, in turn. Purity, being peace loving and gentle, willing to yield to others, are things
that I must learn.

With humility that’s gleaned from Your…

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