Encouraging Testimonies

Praise the Lord! The following are testimonies from family and friends on the Lord’s intervention to heal:

A healing from an antibiotic-resistant staff infection–powerful answer to prayer!

After much prayer, another received what her doctor considered a miracle (due to difficulties she had had) when she conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby girl!

A healing of a hip fracture, which took a little longer than the doctor hoped, but was later pronounced “perfectly healed.” Second operation no longer considered!

Healing of a case of double pneumonia.

Elevated liver enzymes normalized after prayer and within just a few days before the retest.

A friend has a mother over 100 years old, and eye pressure/glaucoma has been a concern. My friend said the Lord told her that they should not rely on the eye drops only but to rely on His Word, as well. Before a recent exam, she declared over her mother a good report, and that’s what they got–greatly improved! And it should be mentioned, praise God, that her mother does extremely well for 102!

Total healing of a young boy’s head/brain injury after being knocked off of his bicycle by a car. The doctors had been very concerned about the initial and possible future impact.

Cases of healing from heart attacks and also a stroke, complete recovery!

Various successful surgeries and relief from, and even eradication of, pain. And praising the Lord for testimonies at church–lymphoma and other cancers conquered.

Praising God for all of the above today and for Christian family and friends who are wonderful prayer servants. One can also get agreement in prayer through Christian ministries, such as the Abundant Life Prayer Group: http://www.oralroberts.com.

I thank the Lord for good doctors, as well, but the hand of the Lord has been so very evident in all cases.

I pray the Lord’s intervention for any who read this blog if there is an area of need in your life for healing. Let’s continue to hope and trust in God for healing–even for the miraculous.

“Bless the Lord, O my soul,
And forget none of His benefits;
Who pardons all your iniquities,
Who heals all your diseases.”
Psalm 103:2-3 NASB

Healing teaching/testimonies at http://www.awmi.net

“See Yourself Healed”:
Blog article, http://www.covenantfamily.cc

The Greater Faith Conference 2017
at http://www.moorelife.org,
Session 2, esp. on healing

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