Cherished “Christmas of my Childhood” Memories

The Porch of the Lord

We always met at our grade school on an often snowy Christmas Eve,
anticipating the gifts back home that we knew we would receive.

But thoughts, really, were on the Lord Jesus and the amazing story
that we would be telling of God sending us His Son amidst angelic glory.

We each had a part we had practiced for the yearly Christmas Eve service–
those who may have had a bigger role were sometimes a little bit nervous.

The atmosphere was one of warmth, though, but so respectful of the divine–
at my church very many years ago, these Christmas memories of mine.

We stepped outside the school and crossed over the connecting street
to the large decorated church sanctuary where everyone would meet.

To us children, the lights and nativity were always greatly impressive.
Beautifully-ornamented, tall Christmas trees made the night so festive.

Boys wearing new suits and ties…

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