Joseph’s Example

The Porch of the Lord

Joseph, a son of David, took Mary for his wife,
Believing she was carrying God’s very sacred life.
Joseph stood by her when others may have condemned.
Joseph believed God when they didn’t comprehend.
He was chosen by God, and it was to him that Mary and the Child were sent.
He became the protector of God’s great intent.
Joseph was quick to recognize that in dreams God often spoke,
With messages from His angel, and he obeyed when he awoke.
Joseph named the baby, Jesus, just as he’d been told,
For He would save His people from sins as said by the prophet of old.
In obedience, Joseph went to Egypt–“Out of Egypt did I call My Son.”
Joseph had them stay until God said their time there was done.
We see him obeying God in Bible scene after scene;
Being warned of God, he went to Nazareth, so…

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