The Perfect Gift

The Porch of the Lord

Photo by Jim Sorbie Photo by Jim Sorbie

…A seasonal poem telling a story of a Christmastime visit–northern relatives visiting family in the southern U.S…. They appreciate some brisk weather for a southern state as it reminds them of home.  They shop for gifts and then take in an outdoor Christmas lighting display at a local church, where their attention turns to the most perfect gift of all.

A special time, pure white snowflakes,
Drifting down upon the roofs–
Moonlight reflecting on glistening snow blankets,
Years ago sleighs and horses hoofs…

Yet further south where palm trees stand,
It’s not so cold this time of year.
But some nights can get brisk and that’s all the better
To spread the feeling of Christmas cheer…

We’ve shopped for gifts
For this time of giving and receiving,
And have wrapped them quickly before they were seen.
Each one will be perfect, we’re hoping, believing…

The bustle of shops seems…

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