Testimony from Texas

“We can change the world by changing how we “do” Christianity. It all starts with answering the call to fellowship with Jesus.” …Kevin Kinchen

You may like to browse the website of the man who wrote the above quote. At the website, you can see a reenactment of the time when he was accidentally run over by a 13,000 pound backhoe tractor and survived. This testimony is a tribute to the healing power of the Lord through various means–medical assistance, much prayer, and faith in (and agreement with) the Word of God. Since then, he has had some new experiences, both triumphs and adversities; but his faith in Jesus, and time spent with Him, encourages him in his own life and spills over to the lives of others.

http://www.E-quip.org (website, with testimony)

He’s written a book so that others will know,
that it’s time alone with Jesus that makes faith grow!

Kevin Kinchen went to be with Jesus on January 3, 2022

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