Keep praying and taking authority

Recently I heard a recording from Christians in Ukraine, urging us to keep praying…

Because of everyone’s concern about the unprovoked war,
everything is different from when I wrote before.

Simple poetic thoughts currently must be dropped
in order to continue to pray that this war will be stopped.

We take authority over satanic schemes, in fact…
calling for Ukraine’s freedom to miraculously remain intact.

Father, we thank you already for supernatural aid
that has come, with more to follow, because we’ve prayed.

Thank you for provisions of shelter, food, and other needs…
Guard and protect the innocent as rescuers follow your leads.

Break down Russia’s plans in ways that only you would know…
Help those defending Ukraine in standing against their foe.

If ever there was a time for leaders of other nations to be wise…
in making right decisions, let that great wisdom from you arise.

Give to your people direction to help in practical ways that they can,
while knowing that prayer and praise are behind your victory plan.

Thank you for the courage and love we’ve been seeing in action…
thank you for giving the fight for freedom there its needed traction.

We speak reversal now to any of the aggressor’s gains.
Righteous battles are the Lord’s, and we know that our God reigns.

in Jesus’ name, we pray…

P. A. Oltrogge

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