Miracles on the Mountain


Dear friends and followers of this blog,

I am writing this post to inform you of some amazing healing services, “Miracles on the Mountain,” with Pastor Billy Burke, being held at Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, Texas, which are available on line. I’m sorry I failed to send this out yesterday as last evening’s service was outstanding, with many people receiving from the Lord via this man’s ministry for Jesus. To read about the services, you can go to https://miracles.kcm.org/

To view the service this evening, go to http://www.bvovn.com or http://www.emic.org at 8:00 p.m.(Eastern Time), 7:00 p.m. (Central Time), etc.

If interested to view Billy’s website, it is http://www.billyburke.org

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it would be wonderful to experience being there yourself this weekend. If you currently do not have a church, Eagle Mountain’s regular church services in person or on line would bless you greatly. http://www.emic.org

If you’re unable to view the services at the specified time, they will likely be featured at the website of EMIC. In fact, yesterday’s pre-service message on the name of Jesus, by Pastor George Pearsons, is available there now.

Have a blessed day, and thank you for reading these Porch posts!

P. A. Oltrogge

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