The Blessing of the Animals…

Photo by Martin Pettitt

“For by Him all things were created…” Colossians 1:16

In this world of great variety, the Lord’s signature is made very plain
From the spots upon a leopard to a majestic horse’s mane.
He gave many creatures to live on land, while others need the seas;
Some soar high into the skies, but seek to nestle in the trees.

Many animals need a caretaker and a home on ranch or farm–
Cattle and sheep, as examples, need protection from outside harm.
They’re among God’s provisions for man; and there’s also the ocean store–
Fishermen find their livelihoods there, off of any good coast or shore.

And getting a glance of sea creations, like the dolphins or the whales
Is a rewarding sight to be appreciated on an outing on a boat that sails.
Children are eager to tell you of their enjoyment of the animals at a zoo–
Elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras, monkeys, and bear–just to name a few.

Horses largely have been tamed, but have run wild upon some plains–
Many a man, woman, or youth has loved holding a horse’s reins.
Some people still need and appreciate them for the work they can perform,
While others love to race them and see their ability to “outperform.”

Dogs of a great many varieties are true companions, or work as aides,
To people who have special needs and to police, fire, or military brigades.
Down through the years there have been stories that often can astound
Of a dog’s relationship with its master and how their love and loyalty abound.

Kittens are enjoyed, especially, by children who love to watch them play;
Cats are company, as well, with their own distinct character and way.
Then there are the smaller things, like the bees, bugs, or butterflies–
Beauty is in their fine details, and the study of them can be wise.

Those who love the animals may be fond of one particular kind,
Or they may be the type who likes almost any animal that comes to mind.
So greatly we appreciate all the many creatures that we know–
It’s hard to think that there’s just one to call God’s “Best of Show.”

P. A. Oltrogge

“A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast….” Proverbs 12:10

“The righteous care for the needs of their animals….” (NIV)

Photo by Vicky Frank

Photo by Vicky Frank

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